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Our Referral Program

 Be handsomely rewarded when you join our referral program

A Link Petroleum is an authorised dealer for both ExxonMobil and SPC. We sell diesel to any companies that need diesel including companies from these industries: construction, engineering, food and beverage, logistics, and transportation industries.

This referral program is just as it is named, a program where you refer friends and associates to buy diesel from us. There is not a job and therefore there are no commitments. You can contact the person in charge of referral program at 9026 6176 should you be interested.

What’s in it for you?

For every buying and paying customer that you referred to us, you will get the following:



Upfront Commission
Depending on sales, you will be paid $100-$800 on each and every referral.


Bonus Commission
For the first 3 months, you will be paid an additional bonus for each litre of diesel that your referrent buys from us.


Recurring Commission
For the 3 years after the first three months, you will be paid an additional percentage based on the amount of litres bought. This is capped at $10,000 per year.

Example (This is an estimate)

If you refer a customer to us that buys 20,000 litres of diesel every month, you will receive:

Upfront Commission: $400
Bonus Commission: $1,200 total for the first 3 months
Recurring Commission: $800 per year for 3 more years as long as the customer is still buying and paying

Total: $4,000 for one customer

Again, this is an estimate. Contact us for exact commission figures.

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