Fuel Saving Tips for Commercial Vehicles

Most companies spend a lot on diesel for their vehicles every month. The fact is, changing some driving habits can have significant savings. Here, we share our company’s tried and tested practical fuel saving tips that will save you more than $1,000 per year.

(Figures calculated are based on $1 per litre on a 1000 litres per month usage)

fuel saving tips

save up to 20% (or 00 per year)

According to Eartheasy.com, the ‘golden’ speed for most small commercial vehicles is 80km/h. This is the speed where most vehicles will run most efficiently. Speeding beyond 100km/h will use up to 20% more fuel, but save you only 2 minutes of your time if you are traveling from Jurong to Bedok.



10% ($1200 per year)

Accelerating hard to high rpm causes the engine to operate very inefficiently. Gears should be changed at its most efficient range to reduce consumption and emissions. According to BP,

  • For petrol, changing gear at 2500rpm is recommended
  • For diesel, changing gear at 2000rpm is recommended



3% ($360 per year)

Our vehicles are usually scorching hot after parking them outdoors for some time. Instead of turning up the air-con to cool the vehicle down, roll the windows down and drive for a few minutes. This will cool the interior much faster and save up to 5% on fuel consumption. Just remember to roll the windows up and use the air conditioner at higher speed as an open window creates aerodynamic drag.