Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our service, diesel oil and company.

Q: Is your diesel oil suitable for use in auto mobiles such as vans, mini-vans and lorries?

A: Yes. As an authorised dealer of several Petroleum companies such as SPC, their diesel oil has been approved and use to power all kinds of auto mobiles. You can learn more on our diesel oil in our What We Do page.

Q: Is it possible to install a diesel tank in my company’s premise?

A: According to SCDF, you can store up to 1500 litres of diesel oil for use in a factory without applying for a license (a fire safety certificate is still needed). For use in any other premise other than a factory, the maximum amount is 200 litres. For amount above 1500 litres, a diesel storage license is needed.

We have numerous customised diesel tanks to cater for your needs ranging from 200 litres to 5000 litres. We will also settle any licensing or application issues for you to install a diesel tank in your company’s premise.

Q: Are there any warranty on the steel tanks/products?

A: We do not explicitly provide any warranty for our fabricated steel products. However, if it is proven that the tank or any other steel products are not in good condition because of the workmanship, we will assume responsible for it and seek to rectify the problem.


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